www.india272.com Narendra Modi launched

According to the press release, the App will help BJP members and volunteers to share ideas and participate in discussions. It will help them to share articles & newspaper clippings. India272+ is well integrated with facebook, twitter & whatsapp.
The India272 website was launched in August last year, which is where the idea for the app came from. Narendra Modi has been a heavy user of Twitter and blogs frequently too. The app is just natural extension of this idea                                                                    Narendra Modi launched a mobile application ‘India 272’, here numbers mentioned the total Lok Sabha seats. It is totally free to download from Google Play Store.
The Android application was launched on 1st January 2014, the BJP mission of 272 seats mentioned in the application numbers.
Narendra Modi Launched Android Mobile Application India272

This application allows volunteers to share their thoughts, ideas, speak about Modi and give tips to talk about the facts who are all mostly interested.
Modi writes in twitter, “Launched India 272 mobile app, the app will further empower volunteers to contribute easily, effectively and creatively”.
Modi expected this application not only involving new volunteers in BJP but also every existing volunteer can communicate each through this application.

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